Online Education: Giving More Opportunities for Filipinos

students in a huddle discussion

With the world becoming more and more digital, it was about time that the education center followed suit. Online Education (OEd) saw the inherent need to provide students with learning opportunities and so filled this gap by being the first school to provide students, particularly junior and senior high school, with opportunities for learning. Now not just a university known for information and communications technology, AMA University prides itself as being the pioneers in providing students all over the Philippines with access to world-class junior and senior high school online education.

AMA University admits that it isn’t without its fair share of difficulties, as online education may not be suitable for all students due to its inherent unsupervised nature.

To address this, AMA University Online Education content development head Leohernard Quitaleg has been working hard and diligently to improve our course offerings and to tailor our services to better address the needs of the different types of Filipino learners out there.

To date, AMA Online Education offers a host of online academic programs including Bachelor’s Degrees, Continuous Learning Programs, Short Online Courses, Online Senior High School, and the newly launched Online Junior High School or online middle school.

“A typical course or subject has a number of modules and for each, there are materials in various mediums to cater to different types of learners,” Quitaleg said.

“We have practical activities for kinesthetic learners who prefer a more hands-on type of method than just listening to lectures. There are also presentations and videos to suit every kind of learner,” he added.

Meanwhile, Angelica Bruzola-Harris, AMA University’s online course content developer, notes the need to design courses with the needs of different types of learned in mind.

“The idea is to really empower students to learn. Students can follow the modules that are designed to tackle information deeply,” Bruzola-Harris said. “The other supplemental materials also help expand topics and give students a different point of view on the matter.”

According to AMA University, the advancements in technology and the introduction of online education allows more students to overcome the common barriers to education, such long commutes to premier learning institutions, and mismatched schedules (both of which are addressed by online education).

“Being unable to join virtual classes due to time zone or schedule differences is no longer a reason to miss a class. Students can easily catch up on virtual classes by viewing them on the online platform as sessions are recorded for viewing at any point during their enrolment. Students can also watch the classes on replay to clarify information on the topics discussed,” AMA said.

“Teacher-to-student ratio is also not an issue with online courses. Aside from virtual classrooms, mentors also receive inquiries through email, which they can reply to at length. Students get the benefit of a more targeted response to their personal queries,” it added. 

AMA University is committed to providing students with quality education, no matter where they are in the world. Our online education program, which offers bachelor’s degrees, continuous learning courses such as Master’s and Doctorate degrees, short online courses, online junior high school, and online senior high school, help open the doors for many Filipino who previously have not had access to our quality of education.

Our unique online education program allows you to study online anytime, anywhere, so you can tailor-fit your program to your individual needs and adjust it so that it fits a schedule that suits you. Because we do not follow a traditional academic year format, students are free to enroll and start at any point throughout the year. Learn more about our senior high requirements.

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